Eagle Electric Scooter

Eagle Electric Scooter

Eagle Electric Scooter

Motor 10-inch Dual Motor 1500W

Motor Controllers 15 tube built-in controller

Max Torque 70 Nm

Standard Battery Type Lead-acid (Option: Lithium Ion) Standard Battery Volume 48V 20Ah (Option: 60V 20Ah; 72V 20Ah)

Power System Protection Over-current protection, under-voltage protection

Standard SLA Charger Outboard, 48V 3A Automatic Charger, 110V - 220V AC input

12V Subsystem Converter DC/DC 72V<12V 10A (powers all lighting and accessory outlet)

12V Outlet standard automotive lighter socket

Charge Time: About 7.5 hours

USB Charging Port Option

Mechanical Brakes Front and rear hydraulic disk brakes, regenerative, acting on rear wheel (via hub motor), triggered by front or rear brake actuation

Front Suspension With hydraulic hose front damping Rear Suspension Balloon rear shock absorption

Front Wheel 2.15X10" Aluminum wheel Front Tire 3.0-10 vacuum tire

Rear Wheel 2.15X10" steel rim with integral motor, alloy side plates

Rear Tire 3.0-10 vacuum tire

Frame Motorcycle-grade high-hardness iron frame

Shell ABS white pieces, PU paint

Pedals Platform type, removable cranks

Seat Double seat

Instruments Digital Speedometer/Odometer, Volt Gauge, Turn Signal/High Beam Indicators

Security Dual remote control, a power start, the motor lock, night car search function

Maximum Payload Capacity 150kg

Certificate: EEC COC CE RoHS

Color: Black, Blue, Green, White, Red, Yellow